Brick Paver Cleaning and Sealing and Sanding In Barnegat, NJ

If you have brick pavers, travertine tile, or stamped concrete, you should make sure that your investment is protected.

If left unprotected, your paver surfaces can become faded and overrun with weeds, and moldy.

Benefits of paver service

Color Enhancement Sealers: Sealing your brick pavers will enhance the natural color of the pavers. The colors will also be preserved and protected from any further fading caused by harmful UV Rays. We offer two different types of enhancement, Natural and Wet Look. Natural will offer minimal change in appearance and Wet Look will make the pavers look as though they were wet.

Polymeric Sand Stabilization: Our Polymeric sand is a granular material placed between the joints or seams in brick pavers or stone in patios, walkways and driveways allowing for superior sand joint stabilization. Stabilizing the sand will help to eliminate sand washout, weed growth, and and insect intrusion Also our sand will NEVER HAZE your pavers like a lot of our competitors sands will. The process also helps to prevent the bricks from shifting, thus creating a much more solid foundation.

Algae & Mold Inhibitor: Sealing your brick pavers will inhibit algae and mold growth. Sealed pavers dry quickly and keep moisture from penetrating the pores of the pavers. Algae and Mold inhibitors are in all of our sealers

Maintenance Protection : Maintaining your pavers becomes much easier once they have been sealed. Mold, Bird Droppings, and small spills can usually be cleaned up with a mild detergent soap and a garden hose. You can also take advantage of our maintenance package witch will help you keep everything looking great for years to come. Call today for your free quote 609-296-9541 or 609-339-4597


When it comes to Paver Cleaning, Sealing & Maintenace, Cleaner Solutions Pressure Washing in Barnegat, NJ, we have mastered the skills to properly clean, re-sand and seal pavers with the proper equipment and training. 

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