Drive Thru & Dumpster Pad Cleaning

“Functional” doesn’t have to be a synonym for “eyesore!” Cleaner Solutions restores the most-used parts of your property with our powerful pressure washing service – so you can get the best in practicality and curb appeal.

Create First Impressions That Last

Dumpster pads and drive-thrus are notorious for any property manager. They get a high volume of usage every day, and the impact tends to show.

Cleaner Solutions is your remedy. Our pressure washing solution invests in the deep clean these hardscapes needs, so they’re functional without hurting curb appeal. We achieve this with a pressure washing service that integrates:

  • Deep cleaning power
    Our innovative pressure washing equipment delivers the best in stain and buildup removal to leave your surfaces clean, professional, and safe.
  • De-odorizing service
    Dumpster pads can be a magnet for bad odors. We use cleaners that neutralize the nasty scents so your customer experience can remain on point.
  • Safety
    Our team reduces the risk of slip and fall accidents with our deep cleaning power, so you’re left with safe and welcoming hardscapes.

Take Every Part of Your Property Seriously

Curb appeal is all in the details. And Cleaner Solutions is proud to make your exterior really count. With our pressure washing service, you know you’re investing in quality that lasts with:

  • Customizable service
    Whether you need a one-time service or a seasonal maintenance plan, our team meets your needs where they’re at. We also work with exteriors of every shape and size – there is no “normal” Cleaner Solutions customer.
  • Professional solutions
    We always arrive on time, uniformed, and ready to deliver service in a timely manner. We take the customer experience seriously – and it shines through every aspect of our service.
  • Community values
    Our team is proud to be a veteran-owned company. And we give back to our fellow veterans and emergency personnel with service discounts.

Make your property stand out for the right reasons. With Cleaner Solutions, you can build a foundation of curb appeal from every aspect of your property. And you can leave the details to our team.