Paver Services

Invest in your property from the ground level with Cleaner Solutions. Our full suite of paver services aren’t just a way to boost curb appeal: they’re a critical way to advance property value, starting from the base of your exterior.

Complete Paver Services

Your pavers are a critical part of your property. And they also need the benefit of expert care to maximize quality and curb appeal. Cleaner Solutions is that expert. We deliver the best in:

  • Paver Cleaning
    Our advanced cleaning service strips away harmful buildup, so your pavers can shine at their brightest.
  • Paver Sealing
    We deliver superior protection with our sealing solution. It locks a bright and beautiful shine in – and keeps wear and tear out.
  • Paver Maintenance
    We help your pavers project their full potential with our routine maintenance service, which we customize to your pavers’ needs.
  • Joint Replacement
    We swap out old, careworn joints and replace them with strong, top quality material for results that last.
  • Minor Paver Repair
    We always expect the unexpected. So if your pavers need help, our team is here to deliver.

The Cleaner Solutions Way

Cleaner Solutions is proud to specialize in full-suite paver service. As the best resource in the region, we bring the industry’s finest technology straight to your property – and results to match. This includes:

  • Dedicated service
    Some paver solutions can take up to four days to complete. We’ll always discuss the timeline with you… and we’re committed to giving your pavers the time they need.
  • One-stop-shop solutions
    We coordinate with pest control and pool cleaning companies to ensure that every paver service gets to the finish line with ease – and without inconveniencing you in the process.
  • A commitment to our customers
    We’re proud to invest in our community. One way we do this is with our discount program for veterans and emergency service personnel.

Pavers are the foundation of a happy property. With Cleaner Solutions, your exterior will always get the best – in curb appeal, in functionality, and in long-lasting quality! That’s our promise to you, and it’s a promise you can count on us to keep.