Paver Cleaning

Your pavers should be the highlight of your property. But without proper care, they can become the opposite. That’s why Cleaner Solutions exists. With our paver cleaning solution, your hardscapes will look the part – and they’ll last, too.

Get A Fresh Start

Pavers don’t have it easy. They’re perpetually exposed to the elements, but they’re also expected to be a focal part of your property. It’s a tricky balancing act.

But with Cleaner Solutions, that balancing act is a breeze. We deliver an industry-leading paver cleaning solution that guarantees exceptional quality. We do this with:

  • An investment in quality
    We take paver cleaning seriously, and we exclusively use ICPI-approved methods. Sometimes, this means that paver cleaning can take up to four days – and that the results will pay off in dividends.
  • Advanced cleaning technology
    We use the best cleaning equipment in the industry, and we’re constantly updating our inventory to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Superior stain removal
    From dirt to grease, from moss to mold – our specialists remove it all, so you can get a truly spotless result.

Start A New Chapter for Your Property

Paver cleaning is an investment. But with Cleaner Solutions, it’s an investment that will pay off for years to come. Our team is proud to invest in your property with a professional cleaning solution that delivers:

  • Full-service solutions
    Our team is the only company in the region to internally partner with licensed pest control. We directly coordinate with them to round off your service – so you can get the best results, with none of the inconvenience.
  • Joint removal
    Our team has the capability to safely and comprehensively remove old joints. This gives your pavers – and your curb appeal – a fresh start. 

Your pavers should bring out the best in your property. With a professional cleaning solution from Cleaner Solutions, you’re getting the best for your exterior, the best for your investment, and the best for curb appeal.