Cedar Cleaning

Beautiful. Functional. Long-lasting. Cedar and exotic wood should deliver uncompromising quality across every level. And Cleaner Solutions will help you stretch the impact of these unique surfaces with our specialized cleaning service.

A Special Touch

Exotic wood is special. And there’s a reason that homeowners choose to use it for their homes: it’s often more durable, more sustainable, and more beautiful than other conventional options. But specialized surfaces require a specialized cleaning approach. Cleaner Solutions delivers for all exotic wood surfaces, and we do it with:

  • Certified exotic wood service
    Every member of our team has received training on exotic wood cleaning. This means that we know how to deliver superior care designed expressly for your surface.
  • Soft washing and power washing capability
    Every type of wood is different. We honor this with a dynamic cleaning solution that is customized to the area we’re working with.
  • Moss and mold mitigation
    Cedar surfaces can be a magnet for moss and mold growth. Our cleaners don’t just remove fungi; they also kill any spores to prevent future issues.
  • Environmental responsibility
    You chose your wood surfaces for their aesthetic – and we help you enjoy that aesthetic through a cleaning process that goes easy on the planet.
  • Dynamic solutions
    Decking, patios, porches, stairs, siding: Every property integrates exotic wood in a unique way, but our team can address each and every surface.

Why Certified Cedar Cleaning Matters

Cedar and exotic woods are unconventional. And because they’re a rare design choice for most properties, exterior cleaning companies simply aren’t equipped to deliver the care they need. We do this with:

  • A powerful pairing of detergents

    We use a hydrogen peroxide-based soap and a combination of surfactants in our cleaning process. This penetrates the wood surface to ensure a better clean.
  • Low pressure washing
    We utilize special cleaning products and soft washing technology to safely and effectively clean your surfaces.

That’s where Cleaner Solutions is different. We’ve invested in extensive professional training to ensure we can bring the best to all your wood surfaces. With a specialized approach, customized cleaning products, and dedicated professionals, our team ensures that every inch of your property is getting exactly what it needs.

What You Get with Cleaner Solutions Cedar Cleaning:

  • Low-pressure washing
  • Debris removal
  • Mold, stain, and mildew removal
  • Long-term protection

Our Cedar Cleaning Results