Roof Cleaning

Raise the bar with Cleaner Solutions! We help you invest in your property from the top with our roof cleaning solution. Using a no-pressure cleaning approach, we maximize the impact – and eliminate the risk of damage to your property.

Soft Washing: The Answer to a Happy Property

Your roof is an investment. It doesn’t just protect your home from the top down, either; it’s a five-figure facet of your home, and it’s in the best interest of your wallet to stretch its life expectancy.

That’s where soft washing comes into play. Cleaner Solutions applies a roof cleaning service that will help your roof last longer and look beautiful every single day. To do this, we deliver service that integrates:

  • Protection
    Our soft washing service doesn’t use a high PSI to clean your roof. This means that you’re getting exceptional service – but you aren’t getting the risks that are associated with a conventional pressure washing service.
  • Black streak removal
    These eyesores are caused by Gloeocapsa Magma, a bacteria that creates stains as it eats at the particulate matter in your shingles. Our cleaning service reinstates curb appeal and protects the quality of your shingles.
  • Longevity
    A roof that receives routine cleaning lasts an estimated ten years longer than one that does not. An added benefit? Regular cleaning is also a requirement of many home insurance policies. We make it easy to stay compliant.

We Set the Bar Higher

Your roof is an investment – and your property is, too! Cleaner Solutions maximizes the benefits of your roof cleaning service with:

  • Cutting-edge soft washing equipment
    We invest in the best technology and cleaning technology, so you can get the best results to match.
  • Convenience
    Start with our free online estimates and end with the peace of mind that your service will be on-time, efficient, and deliver the best quality.
  • Commitment to community
    We’re proud to be a veteran-owned company – and we’re proud to honor our neighbors with discounts to fellow veterans and emergency personnel.

“Superior service” should always be the expectation. With Cleaner Solutions, you can set your standards high; we’re here to meet them. And the impact will shine from every shingle!